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Sunday, 22 January 2012

I haven't forgotten about this blog.

My apologises for not posting more often. At the moment everything is full steam ahead for another season out on the water in 2012. The boat is currently on dry land having some winter TLC and some new goodies from the local chandlery. She will back in the water April 2012 where the fun will begin again with hopefully some more long distance sailing.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Rain, rain, rain. Wind, wind, wind.

High winds and rain are forcasted all this week. So no sailing this week. Weekend/early next week looks more promising.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Though the Swellies

Since are Maiden Voyage the weather has been horrendous. June saw heavy winds and torrential downpoors. I managed to get a few days of sailing in, albeit up to Port Dinorwic and not much beyond.
The weekend of July 8th saw nice weather so we used the opportunity to tackle the infamous Swellies. All the salty sea dogs tell you of horror stories in this stretch of water which wasn't helping my confidence.

The Swellies have a tidal gate meaning we could only transit them at a certain time. Luckily this time is 2 hours before HW Liverpool so my maths wasn't challenged.
As we rounded the last meander in the Menai Straits we saw the Britanna bridge marking the begining of the Swellies. This array of ironwork and stone pillars almost symbolises a gate, which is quite ironic in the fact the tides will only let you though at certain times.

To be honest it was alot easier then everyone makes out, aslong as you get the times right and don't stray off the beaten track. Once though we stopped over night in Menai Bridge to get a well earn't rest before awaking at 5:30am to get back though The Swellies.

Maiden voyage.

So the day had come, The Maiden Voyage. I was filled with a lot of apprehension about this day. After all, this was the first time i had "been in charge" of a vessel bigger then a bath tub. Luckily we had picked a windless, sunny day which made life much more pleasant. The plan was to sail up to Port Dinorwic (Y Felinheli) for lunch then back to our mooring, about an 8 NM round trip.

Getting off the mooring and under (or though i should say) the swing bridge all went to plan. This was the bit I was most worried and apprehensive about.

After this it was 'plan sailing', although we did motor the whole way, as you have guessed. 

On the whole the day was a success. It was a shame not to christen the sails, but in an attempt to learn which ropes do what we did Hoist The Main.